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this part of your elbow contains a very few nerves ableing you to pinch, bite, or even pierce it.
I can't even feeel a thigg! But your wenis is bleeding!
by emily March 08, 2005
24 35
the skin on your elbow.
also an innuendoor joke to make another person thing they mean something else that a male has but not a female
girl: can i pull your wenis

boy: sure you can pull my penis
by your mother May 07, 2005
23 35
Sinew spelt backwards. Something very soft.
Wenis. Sinew. One or the other.
by Fearman October 25, 2007
8 21
One who is annoying
One who cheats
One who rips movie tickets
One who changes your phone language to spanish
Jeff you are acting like such a wenis
by nglettire April 03, 2008
5 19
The fat thats hangs from ur elbow
My wenis is huge!
by gsdfsdj June 04, 2004
51 65
The single member of a group who is not up for a challenge or is too big of a coward to partake in any fun yet possibly harmful even.t
Lance you are being such a Wenis.
Either do it or you are a huge wenis.
by WayneJuanCarlos May 25, 2008
2 18
A total retard. A person who is an idiot.
Taoshi is a total wenis
by SuperSaber May 19, 2008
3 19