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An evil creation of the mind of Kurt Spinner that causes him to get into trouble with the law; A happy looking penis; His powers are far too strong for anyone to handle
Because of Wene Man, Kurt got a court citation for being out past midnight.

Because of Wene Man, Kurt got 5 Ds on his report card.

Because of Wene Man, Kurt couldn't even get his license on his birthday.
by Jeanette and Kurt April 29, 2004
This word was first used in 1987, to refer to a supposed spirit of sorts. The Spinner family adopted it soon after. It was used to explain several strange occurrences, such as the hood, and shizzat. Soon the entire world started seeing the wene man, and all was well in the land...
The wene man stole my boxers!!
The wene man ate my cat.
The wene man proceeded to undress the naked dog.
by The Perfect Score April 30, 2004
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