A place to start working, fillied with drama and underpayed emplyees most of them illigal immigrents and/or teenagers.
The greedy coperate headsof wendys are destroyeding the once great resteruant.
"hey you know what would be a great idea , lets fuck with peoples heads and get rid of the doller menu, yeeah that'l save money , and we can laugh as the poor of america send more of their money on getting fatter and fatter on our increasingly low quality food!" - Wendys CEO
by robert February 15, 2005
The shittiest place to work in the world, because it has incompetent managers and coworkers. The food is good though.
Wendy's is a good place to eat, but never work there.
by Ry January 01, 2005
A resturant chain that has been repeatadly robbed by that no good son-of-a-gun Booker T.
No Booker T! Please don't rob us!
by Daniel McLaren September 01, 2003
The white person's McDonalds.
Pete: "Hey, let's go to McDonald's for a quick bite to eat."

Charles: "Are you kidding?!? We're White, we should go to Wendys instead."
#mcdonalds #wendys #fast food #white #restaurants
by nylaw821 May 29, 2011
The biggest fast food cesspool to work at, second to McDonald's. The managers are fat white trash and treat all their subordinates like shit. Stoners love to come through the pick-up window at 2 AM and order 45 Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers. The only good thing there is the chili, Big Bacon's, and fries with cheese on them. Frosty's aren't half bad either.
Stoner: d00d chex0r i r teh hungayray letz gu bothur da poor fuckaz at wendy's!11oneone
#wendies #wendasz #windeeees #wendys #good food.
by Gniwe November 08, 2005
The best fast food restaurant chain...ever.
Wendy's old fashion hamburgers are so fucking good!
by Zeeky H. Bomb April 02, 2005
a crappy employement place. one that makes u feel even more worhtless about yourself. if u work here u will eventually become suicidal from all the drama and bullshit that goes on.
everyone is always in jail at wendy's.

no one gives u a compliment when u work ur ass off, it's actually not good enough...even if u did perfect
#annoying #stupid #hell #stress #suicide #depression
by krispuff November 17, 2010
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