A cheap yet relatively good burger joint. With fresh made burgers and great fries, along with mediocre chily and frosties usually in one flavor. But thanks to a conspiracy by McDonalds and Burger King, most visiting foriegn idiots have never heard of it, and others like it (see Sonic and Jack in the Box - and thus think that all fast food in America is Mcdonalds and/or Burger King.
What Wendy's - you mean there other American hamburger than MacDonald? - clueless tourist from god knows where.
by Joe August 03, 2003
Fast food chain, basically a burger joint. Some of it's signature food items include (but are not limited to): Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Classic single (double and triple) burger, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Crispy Chicken nuggets, Chili, Baked potatoes, Side Salads, and of course...the best thing about Wendy's...the Frosty (which is a chocolate, or now also vanilla, ice cream treat. A Frosty, however, is thicker than a milkshake, yet lighter than actual ice cream)

Wendy's founder was Dave Thomas. Thomas opened the first Wendy's in downtown Columbus, Ohio in 1969. The restaurant was named after his daughter, Wendy Thomas. Since then the company has grown into an international corporation, with retaurants all over the US and the world. It's corporate headquarters is located in Dublin, Ohio (Columbus suburb)

Dave Thomas dided in 2002. However, Wendy's always has, and still uses the slogan "We do it Dave's way"
I'm goin to Wendy's, you can't beat their 99 cent menu.
by osu fan September 14, 2006
It is indeed the shittiest place in the world to work at. Filled with managers that don't know shit about their procedures, they just tell you to do something one day and the other day they tell you to do the exact opposite of what they told you the day before. Also lots of dumbass costumers who order a huge-ass order, and when it's all before their eyes, they change everything they ordered.

I work in a Wendy's in Canada, and trust me guys, it's no different whether you work there in the USA or in Canada. Exact same shit with gay hobo managers who just yell at you and reprimand instead of explaining in a civilized way what you did wrong.
Guy #1: Let's go eat at Wendy's they are so nice !!
*Guy #1 gets kicked in the face by me*

By the way, the meat you have in a chili you order is the over-cooked/burned meat that cannot be used as hamburger patty. You've been warned.
by Protoss High Templar December 11, 2005
a place that treats their employees like shit, the managers are a bitch and the teenager customers that come thru on a friday/saturday should all get a kick in the teeth.
drive up to the window, stoned out of their mind, with about 5 guys in the car all yelling orders, thinking they are the funniest shit in the world at 12 am.
"we'll have 15 jr bacon cheeseburgers, 4 with no tomato, 6 with no lettuce, and the other 5 just normal!"
then they get pissed when we have to pull them into a parking spot. seriously. grow up.
by blondie2322 July 28, 2005
The place where all the teenagers hang out every Friday & Saturday night. What does this mean? That everyone in the pittston area is a huge fucking loser.
Kid: "Yo it's Friday night, what do you guys wanna do?"
Kids: "Let's spend our Friday night at Wendy's! We have no life!"
by Acid January 22, 2005
The third-party fast-food restaurant. While not as big as McDonald's or Burger King, Wendy's offers far different food choices than the other two. However, Wendy's doesn't spend nearly as much on its advertisements as BK or McDonald's, and is more famous for being founded by Dave Thomas than anything else.
Wendy's, from what I hear, has good chili.
by Diggity Monkeez January 05, 2005
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