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Tila Tequila's ugly sister.
Also used to insult girls. Usually used by dumb, ugly bitches on TV or internet that can't think of better comebacks but can also be used by guys.
Ex. 1:
Rob: Hey! That's Tila Tequila! But who's that drunk, fat, ugly bitch next to her?
Tim: That's her sister, Wendy Whiskey.

Ex. 2:
hxc_bxtchesz101: lolz, did u c dat ugly h03 at da muviesz???
emoxxxscene: L0LZ YA WAT A WENDY WHISKEY!!!
hxc_bxtchesz101: LOLZ!!!
#wendy whisky #tila tequila #stupid #whore #fat
by originalkate July 04, 2009
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