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A Texas senator and gubernatorial candidate running on the faux "War on Women" platform.
Also sometimes referred to as Abortion Barbie.
There are Wendy Davis', aka Abortion Barbie's loony crowds in Austin again, chanting "hail satan" and "stop the War on Women", how ridiculous that people fall for this.
by htonhipster3 November 24, 2013
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A Texas politician who is basically an older and more politically experienced version of Sandra Fluke.
Wendy Davis (D) is running for office. She became famous for fighting for more late term abortions in her pink tennies.
by Cloisteroink January 04, 2014
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Democratic member of the Texas state legislature who made national headlines for her filibuster of draconian anti-abortion legislation
Texas has always been a major battleground in the war on women but Wendy Davis is fighting back!
by Republican$$uck November 24, 2013
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