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A new advance scale of rating individuals based on looks. Broken down by three zones. From the top of the head to shoulder is zone one. From the shoulders to the hips zone 2 and from the hips to feet zone 3. Each scale ranges from 1 to 6. The score is is not added together but just kept in order. A triple 3 or 333 is consider a 3 in zone A, 3 in zone B and 3 in zone c. This scale was developed and tested in San Antonio, TX.

The scale's name came from the makers of the scale, Ric Welter and Nicholaus Williams.
Unbelievable, using the Welter Williams Scale, we just passed by a triple 6. Naw, she was more like a 566 due to the dirty teeth.

The girl I saw yesturday had a decent face, great breast but had kankles so I gave her a 352. What is a 352, wait you don't know about the Welter Williams scale?
by NSW1979 February 17, 2010
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