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The name for a type of handgun used in WWII. The Welrod was a top-secret issue handgun, used commonly by the OSS (Office Of Strategic Services, now known as the Central Intelligence Agency).
There are two words to perfectly sum up the Welrod...peculiar, and frightening. The peculiar element of the Welrod is that it looks like a big pipe. The frightening part is that it had accuracy and range equivalent to that of a sniper rifle! The gun's biggest flaw is that it could only use one round per shot (after shot, you had to pull back on a little circular lock, then load the bullet in the top crevice, push the lock back in, and you're ready). Although it looks like a pipe, this is exactly why the shots are very quiet.
Only around 2800 copies were made. Not only that, but the only ones that are allowed to use or possess this gun are government agents.

I forget what caliber it was.... .32? .32acp? If I had my folder with me I'd go full-bore on this sucka. -_-'
"I wish I had one though. Too bad I'm just a civvie. -_-"
by Dave February 03, 2004
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