The last drop of urine that inevitably, no matter how much you shake, ends up in your underpants.
"You have a wet patch on your new rad briefs"

"Yeah i had a slash over there and i got a Wellington"
by Tr3nches July 10, 2008
beer poored over ice. iced beer
All this beer is warm! Guess we're drinking Wellingtons!
by Homie Erectus August 06, 2011
Alternative name (popular in Great Britian) for water-proof boots. Also another term for romo or Raging Homosexual. 'Wellingtonians' often talk about what they want to do, but never do it - instead they have gay anal secks, possibly also felching of giraffes and anal-insertion of quails whilst tonguing each other and thinking "I'm not gay I'm not gay".
Wellingtonian 1: "Oh no, my bike is dirty somehow - I mean I never ride it!"
Wellingtonian 2: "Sorry, Robbie pulled out early and my neopolitan-coloured ass juice spluttered all over it"
Wellingtonian 1: "What a you mind if I lick it?"
Wellingtonian 2: "There's more where that came from..."

-later on-

Non-wellingtonian: "You guys been riding much lately?"
Wellingtonians: *giggle* "Yeah, but not our bikes!"
Non-wellingtonian: "WTF? That's fucking Wellington!"
by Jamaican Meornay September 01, 2007
The act of taking a shit or do do.

It started by someone saying they had one welling up and therefore we decided to call it wellington.
Johnny ate some beans for dinner and therefore had to take a wellington.
by Claude Knight Slater III June 02, 2009

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