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Used to informally end a conversation that one finds uninteresting. It's politely used to feign enthusiasm about a subject in a one-sided conversation. When given the opportunity to respond, the phrase serves as closure to the topic in a neutral, non-committal way.
Woman 1: (Endess prattling about her son's hockey quarter-final playoff victory)... "And now they get a week off before the next game!"

Woman 2: (Stuck behind a retail counter) "Well, there you go!"
by Riverdale Smitty June 04, 2013
A catch-all answer to any given question or situation. A complete neutral response to any situation. A great verbal tool for anyones arsenal. Phrase is widely used in the south.
"Can you believe that guy?"...."Well, there you go!"

"You are a great dancer"..."Well, there you go!"
by Danzig1031 February 02, 2010