my husband's ex-girlfriend, whom is also the mother of my stepson. One who refuses to get off her ass and support her share of the life she helped create, forcing my new husband to bring home only around $100.00 every two weeks after the system that SHE is on rapes his paycheck.
by Stephanie September 14, 2003
Top Definition
A woman who continues to have many children, often by different men, in order to live off of the Welfare system.
Marie's pregnant again? She's such a Welfare Whore!
by Shpolfling June 06, 2009
Morbidly obese blob of pig fat that shit's babies of different colors and ethnic back rounds. Doesn't know what contraception is but knows the meaning of the word "fuck". Suck's the life out of the entitlement system with every baby "it" shit's out. Get's 100 dollars of child support or more from each father "it" know's the identity of. "most likely 1 of them". Plus an extra amount of money on their food stamps card for each child as well as that "extra welfare check". Doesn't work, only eat's, screams, complains and bitches about her living situation. Has an extra refrigerator. Leaves her children unsupervised and later down the line become ether drug addicts, wife beaters, thugs, thieves and parasites.
Welfare bitch.

Welfare whores.

Welfare slut.

Pops a baby.

Weflare sheboon.

Baby machine.

by Miko4968 April 07, 2010
those of our country, who, out of their own laziness, and incompentecy, repeatedly produce offspring in order to increase the amount of welfare they receive; basically screwing for government money, so the lazy pigs don't have to work.
Lady: "Hey, Jimbo, if we have three more kids, they'll give us 1,000 more per month! Whoo boy!"
Man: "But Shanquisha, don't you feel like we're being welfare whores?"
Lady: "Hells nah!"
by Tromboner73 October 21, 2010
1.Someone who gets welfare, please leave our country before I am forced to shove my fist so far down your throat you choke up all the used condoms youve been eating out of the trash can you faggot ass mucher

2. Any liberal liberal the bottom definition is definately the best
We fucking give so much shit to the damn welfare whores, make em fight to the death! Now thats entertainment!
by homy G March 03, 2003
Nerdy white guys that whack three times a day or more and are obsessed with romans.
Guy is a welfare whore.
by Fluffy March 03, 2003
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