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A person who has never worked and lives on Welfare (or Social assistance) and only has children so they can get a larger welfare cheque.

Welfare breeders typically turn their children into welfare breeders, promoting their offspring not to work because the government will pay for everything they need and selling drugs will pay for anything else.
Yeah Monica is a 2nd generation welfare breeder.
by Crazy Dea October 10, 2008
Another word for Rabbit Scab. Basically a complete piece of shit who has babies to steal more money from those of us who work for a living.
From the looks of that couple with the latest smart phones and fine shoes with ragged ass children in tow who look like they don't see a cent of the free money their parents gleam from the tax paying majority, we have a welfare breeder situation. We are going to need a roll of duct tape and a sterilization kit stat!
by Expose December 31, 2014
Someone that continues to have children so they can keep receiving government assistance.
"Tina just had another kid, she said she needed to because she didn't want to lose her food stamps, she's such a welfare breeder."
by Bosstalker September 01, 2015
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