Complete domination.
Mike just weked Tom at Socom II.

Mike is wek on Unreal Tournament.
by Anton July 31, 2004
a sound that a penguin makes.
Wek! Wek!
Feed me. I'm Hungry
by Phil Kong January 22, 2008
An Indonesian exclamation of surprise or confusion.
<J^raxis> How the HELL do they misconfigure that?
<ikan-salmon> ?
<ikan-salmon> weks
by J'raxis 270145 May 26, 2006
Verb - The sound a woman makes when she gags deep-throating your cock.
"Last night this bitch totally wekked on my dick."

by NoFare May 30, 2008
When something or someone sucks in italian u can exclaim "wek!"
"Wek!, he's ugly!"
"Wek!, it sucks!"
"Wek!, what a orrible painting!"
by divinity October 01, 2007

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