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A town at the Northern panhandle of West Virginia. It is 5 minutes from Ohio and Pennsylvania, about 20 minutes from Pittsburgh. There are a lot of dirty people in Weirton who think they're cool. It's described as a "dangerous" town by fake little gangsters who live here but actually the most dangerous thing here are the pedophiles. There's lots of pills and weed in Weirton. Also in downtown it's nothing but gambling houses (over 30 on one street), strip clubs, and bars. This one local crappy news show "WTOV9" always talks about the good in Weirton and never shows downtown because it's described as where the bad people live. WTOV9 is a joke as is Weir Middle/High a sad excuse for a school. The churches around here are as crazy as the people and Steubenville is worse. My advice if you live in Weirton and want to actually become something....then leave NOW.
"News 9 here with your local news!
Super 8 just recently filmed on Marylinn Heights of Weirton, WV!" - WTOV9

"Dude, why didn't he mention downtown? They were down here longer..." - STRANGER

"Cause WTOV9 thinks downtown is shit!" - STRANGER
by dudeicantbelieveit November 28, 2010

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