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A town in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. There's nothing to do. Kid's have nothing to do other than drive around and hang out at the local Sheetz or mcdonalds, right before they go engage in some sort of retarded method of trying to find a bit of fun.
Kid 1: Man i hate weirton.

Kid 2: Yeah, im bored as hell. Lets just go vandalize.
by Young Jeezy x January 03, 2009
6th largest city in WV population is over 20,000 , Weirton is its own area its nothing like the rest of WV, its more like a knook of pittsburgh. high crime rate , if your from weirton your not really from WV.
yo wher u from?

whers that at?
what u dont talk like u from WV dawg..
yo.. it aint really WV..
by aceace20oo April 30, 2010
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