to go up to something/someone and put your weiner on them/it and yell weiner
I'm gunna weiner you if u dont shut up.
by dushon mandick May 25, 2008
The incorrect spelling for "wiener"

"Hey babe, do you wanna know how big my weiner is?"

"Since you don't have one, I'd say it's roughly the same size as your wiener."
by ssw February 10, 2008
a moderate sized penis
oooooooohhhh, I wish I could touch oscar mayer's weiner
by jeeenie September 16, 2005
A weiner is a person who SLEEPS TOO MUCH and is always watching movies all day!! Doesn't like Milk. No se calla!!!! She gets down with her alarm clock every morning!!!
Denice sanchez is a weiner from oaxaca.
by funny people August 05, 2009
Stevie owen
stevie is such a wiener he wants to stick himself in dexters ass
by tempered August 28, 2003
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