1.)The term used for someone who sends photos of one's penis on Twitter.

2.)A member of government that partakes in cyber sex.

3.) Last name of Anthony Weiner who sent photos of his sex to women over Twitter.
He sent me a photo of his junk on Twitter, he is such a weiner.
by SolidKGB June 09, 2011
To send a sexually explicit photo of oneself via social media that could later embarass you.
I just started chatting with you, so I can't Weiner you with those kind of pictures yet.

Andy had Weinered a picture of his penis to some girl in Seattle, but his wife found out and now he's in real trouble.
by PaulaNYC June 06, 2011
a name you call a person who is socially awkward and keeps to himself
person 1: why didnt jim come out lastnight?
person 2: weiners was to busy doing "homework"
by cockpoop June 16, 2009
A small declining farm town in northeast Arkansas, Comparable to a real weiner in the fact that with age it has to begun to shrink and become somewhat useless, as well as not as funny to hear about anymore. 98% of the population are so old they have the same problem as the town itself.
Eric that lives in waldenburg is such a weiner.
by Akuma Drakul September 07, 2008
Its like a big 'ol' penis....except for its not!!!
John has a big weiner but a little penis.
by vurtoity November 21, 2010
A word with many uses. It is really funny to say, and can even make small children laugh.
Evan loves weiner in and around his mouth.

by catlady4evs February 18, 2009
What little kids who are afraid to say Penis call a penis.
"Oh my gosh Timmy was playing with us and his pants fell off and he has the biggest weiner I ever saw! Except for my dad's."
by Cortana Dragoon June 18, 2005

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