An Italian male with Jewish characteristics. Has a high pitched nasally voice that when making threats can never be taken seriously by anyone, they will only result in laughter. Constantly complaining about how bad life is and how the whores they date keep fucking everybody behind his back. Will constantly pester you to buy his shitty vitamin products and "join the team". A Weiners might be seen in a record store buying "the classics", wearing a beanie cap which resembles a Yamaka, hence the Jewish characteristics. A Weiners looks at the world with an outlook similar to an 80 year old Jewish grandmother's. The best way to defeat a Weiners is through unidentifiable text messages. Please do not get a Weiners to do anything bad, especially coke, because he'll think your the devil. When placed in a crew a Weiners has a role similar to 'Screech' in Saved By The Bell
"Everybody's always messing with me."

" That's because you pulled a Weiners"
by Big Travis October 02, 2006
Everyone here is a sicko! A weiner is a hot dog!
Guy 1: Hey, for dinner would you like to grill out some weiners?
Guy 2: Heck ya! Hot Dogs are delicious
by josethelama July 07, 2012
To send lewd pictures of your penis to an unsuspecting female via Twitter.
Anthony Weiner, a married, Democratic politician, weinered his weiner to a college student in Washington.
by weinerisaweiner June 03, 2011
a stupid or weak (not strong)person...weenie,or a pussy
john is a weiner because he didnt know 1+1.....anthony is a weiner because i said so....
by steevin May 15, 2007
This term is used when describing idiotic posh people.
Examples of these people may be the stupid twats you see in shows like The Only Way is Essex or Made in Chelsea.

These people try to act cool, then end up turning the whole situation into the most awkward thing ever. They are so, insanely stupid. This often happens when girls are involved.
They simply do not understand the language of teenage slang.

Examples of this behaviour; Will from the Inbetweeners.
'Man, that bitch is hot.'
'What? Where's this over-heated dog?'
'Why are you such a weiner?'
by LittleLoser October 09, 2011
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