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weezie is someone wiv a sexy arse
wayne: god damn girl, u have a weezie arse
eloise: thanx babe
by wayno May 06, 2005
16 20
Female whose appearance can be described as: a)ample,abundant b)extensive broad c)tends to be african american, but can be any race.
Homie, I'm lookin' fo a thick young sista to pull, but there aint one damn weezie in this club!!
by 'D' Rossi November 06, 2003
37 17
slang for west london or da west of sumtin
zoop zoooop.. weezie
by ?.?.? September 27, 2007
15 8
A hot, big black chick!! Like Weezie on
the Jeffersons..
Yo, playa check out the booty on that Weezie!!
by EZ November 04, 2003
17 32