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Meaning to suck down an ICEE straight out of the machine resulting in a massive brain freeze. Most notably coined and acted out by Pauly Shore in Encino Man, followed by Brendan Fraser who weezed it hard and paid for it.
Clerk: What you doing?
Pauly: Chill man. We're just weezing a little joo-ooce
Clerk: No weezing the juice
Brendan: Weez the juice!
Clerk: No! No weezing the joo-ooce!
by Mr. $mithers September 01, 2009
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weez- to steal/take something

"hey dude, wanna go to the 7/11 and weez the juice?"
"kay man, lets go"
by x-wtf September 04, 2006
15 9