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• A popular type of Australian breakfast cereal superior to vitabrits made from shredded wheet by the health food company "Sanitarium". Promoted by the cream of Australian sports stars such as George Gregan, Tim Cahill and Brett Lee.

• They are often eaten very quickly as sogginess becomes a rapid problem.

• The more WeetBix eaten each morning, the more masculine/tough/sporty the human is considered to be.
• "The breakfast of champions"

• "You better get out of bed right now! I've already put the milk on your weetbix!"

• "How many do you do?" "Tim Cahill does 9!"
by SuperFlorence August 27, 2006
A great, healthy way to start your day.
I eat weet bix every morning to get the most out of my day.
by james.g May 22, 2008
the unit of measurement for manliness
Vin Diesel is 3 weet-bix more than steven seagal. sylvester stallone is about 28 weet-bix while mike tyson is at 36 weet-bix
by jobflobadobYob October 10, 2010
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