DEA helicopter
"That weedeater came round and cut my crop!"
by herbalgerbal April 06, 2009
Top Definition
The weed eater is when one performs the daunting task of eating out a female that happens to be very hairy. While "down there" the person makes the sound of a weedeater, or a reving motor sound. vrm vrm vrm vrm vrm
Its the same as 70's porn, just add the sounds effects of a weed-eater.
by Natedawg Burnett January 28, 2008
Weedeater is a sludge metal band from the Carolinas featuring sludge veteran Dave "Dixie" Collins on bass and vocals. They debuted with ... And Justice For Y'all, followed up by Sixteen Tons, and a third album God Luck And Good Speed.
I was listening to Weedeater last night when I was hitting the bong, Wizard Fight came on and I started jamming.
by Messiah Stanch September 29, 2008
weed eater
One who smokes a lot of pot.
Mary is a real weed eater.
by kevin June 05, 2004
A large plug-in massager often used by women for vaginal stimulation such as the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Adam & Eve Magic Massager.
Plug in the weed eater honey, I'll be right there.
by Brock Ironthighs August 04, 2011
A dance move performed by holding one arm stiff with the hand in a fist, then placing the other hand above it and pulling upward, then turning side to side with both hands frozen in place, as though pull-starting a weedeater and then trimming grass. Rumored to have been popular in the 80's and early 90's.
They were all doing the shopping cart and the sprinkler, so I busted out the weedeater.
by Ami C December 17, 2008
To trim the Pubic hair of a girl before administering oral sex
I had to weedeater that bitch last night.
by Drew Tufts April 11, 2005
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