Being high enough to the point where you feel 'too' high, or uncomfortably so. One would consciously turn down another hit.
Tim: "Hey want to hit this?"

John: "Naw man, I'm weed-whacked
by Mgl921 May 26, 2013
Top Definition
No easier way to put it other than getting busted smoking, selling, possessing or cultivating weed.
Richard Polk: "Can we do something else? I am Boulder City Council member, I'm embarrassed."

Me: "Hey, is that the guy who sells Birkenstocks on the mall?"

Richard Polk: "I know this does not make it better. But if you look at the 'stuff,' it is low grade 'stuff.'"

Me: "That guy just got weed whacked."
by Hullabaloo September 27, 2006
Being stopped from smoking weed. Derived from the terms cock block and twat swat.
I was going to smoke this fat ass blunt with my homies but then my girlfriend weed whacked me and forced me to stay in.
by hibot25 October 25, 2011
Smoking marijuana to the point where it is not fun/entertaining/pleasant anymore.
Man, I weed whacked myself last night and had a headache until I woke up and popped a Tylenol.
by Anton von Khristoph May 04, 2009
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