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A tradition in which it is customary to wear a suit on the last Wednesday of each month. The origins of "Wednesday Suit Day" are widely debated: some believe it dates back to 19th Century England when, typically on Wednesdays, Parliament was held and all members were required to dress in formal attire. Others believe the "Wednesday Suit Day" tradition began irrationally in Richmond, VA, when two co-workers agreed upon the last Wednesday of each month being a day suitable for suit wearing. Many agree that "Wednesday Suit Day" finds it's genesis from a high school senior taking fictitious character "Barney"'s command to "Suit Up!" from the American TV series "How I Met Your Mother" a little too seriously. Although the background is undetermined, many people still honor the Wednesday Suit Day tradition today.
"Hey, Logan, what are you wearing to class tomorrow?"
"First off: weird question. Second: it's Wednesday Suit Day, suit up!"
by Zaphod_Beelbebr0x November 27, 2012
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