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When you and Several Friend All Attemp to Wedgie Each Other with any Type of Wedgie in Sort of Like a War
Once me and my friends had a wedgie war and my friends older brother played. He was 17 we were all 14 so he had an advantage. We all split up and as I was looking around my friend grabbed me by my boxers and his brother took all my clothes off so I only had my boxers on. Then he lifted me up by my boxers and gave me a bouncing wedgie then gave me a hanging wedgie from a hook on the wall and ran off with my clothes and left me after 6 hours my boxers ripped off, I was naked my Other Friend Found me Eventually And Helped me Find my Clothes. Wedgie Wars are Extremely Fun you and a few Friends Should try it some day.
by The Pwnzinator April 23, 2009
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