A fat Cunt. Selfish. Often an only child.
Fuck off Wedge
Don't be like Wedge
by GOD September 14, 2003
Alternate term for wedgie
When I was younger, my big brother used to give me a killer wedge every day. I hate that bastard.
by Nacho Dan June 15, 2004
Covert word or referance to/of a black person.

When a southern resident refers to a Negro.
Look at the size of the soup coolers on that wedge.
by Wave January 25, 2005
The don himself. This guy runs the place, Dan the Man used to be his sex slave, but quit to work for SideburnZ. Overall Wedge can be summed up in six and a half words.

He is really great at doing Sta.... (I did say a half didn't I)
Wedge got wedged into the corner of his car again. Someone get this man the jaws of life.
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
Luke Skywalker's mate from Star Wars, unlike most of the other Pilots he doesn't make the mistake of saying "I could take on the whole Empire myself" which guarantees a sudden death by Imperial laser cannon about 5 minutes later. Managed to survive the Death Star trench and the Hoth Battle, and the second Death Star attack. His full name is Wedge Antilles, which sounds like Mexican food. Also, he is a fat cunt and it's a wonder he ever managed to "Wedge" himself into the cockpit of his fighter.
"Wedge, tighten the straps and we'll hoist you out of the cockpit with a forklift. Hey - who ate all the space pies?!"
by justplainevil June 13, 2004
another word for 'hench'
bludclart. dat bre will bang you hes wedge
by ghetto thug sizzle October 19, 2003

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