The act of penetrating the vagina just once and then pulling out again. This can also be known as "wedging", not really sure why anyone would do it but I hear its been done.
- "Yo dog I round big Cassie's last night, we had this sick as wedge"
- "You wedged her you pussy! Youd practically wiped your feet on the welcome matt, what the fuck where you thinking, fucking wedger"
by jodie taylor07 April 07, 2007
1. A nickname for a woman who finds it necessary to wedge herself into the relationships of others.

2. A derogatory term for a woman of lose morals who hails from Gloucester, Massachusetts.

3. Given name of Captain Wedge Antilles who flew with the red squadron to assist Luke Skywalker in destroying the Deathstar.
Wedge came to the party at my house and made out with my boyfriend...again.
by imanass August 25, 2009
to fuck/have sexual intercourse with a person (or object)
i'd sure love to wedge catrina.
by zee December 28, 2003
Generally refers to a hot submarine sandwich, for example a meatball wedge or a chicken parm wedge.
1. "Let's go to the deli and get a wedge." - Greg

2. "Would you like an English wedge or a Metric wedge?" - Future employee of Terry's Wedge Emporium World Internation, Corp.
by Sephiroth Gabbiani September 11, 2003
wedge |wej|
short for wedgie; someone who constantly annoys or interrupts you. Basically, a pain in the a**.
Andrea: Oh my god, Andrew, did you hear--
Emily: hey! Wanna hang out today?
Andrew: uh...
(Emily leaves)
Andrea: sorry about that. Emily is the biggest wedge.
by Booterbon June 13, 2013
In which a lurker inserts himself into a group by forcefully squeezing between two people and then not contrubuting to the conversation.
Jake: Hows it going man?
Steve: Pretty good.
(Sebastien wedges himself in between)
Jake: hey
Seb: (no response)
Steve: Wow, lurk hard
by SPX Represent December 16, 2010
Anyperson who masturbates excessively, causeing chafing of the skin and arousal by virtually all members of the opposite sex.
Alex, youre such a Wedge! i heard what you do every night in front of the computer.
by TheLunchTable11 April 11, 2011

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