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Prior to getting married, the woman is exciting in bed with hot sex and also frequently gives oral sex. Perhaps she even watches porn with her man and wears lingerie that turns him on. However, upon getting married, the woman no longer gives oral sex and is boring in bed for the rest of the marriage. Her lingerie gathers dust and she no longer watches porn.

Frequency of sex also drops dramatically. It is said that once she's had the wedding cake, the woman believes that she no longer has to be sexually interesting to her man.
Newly married man: "After getting married, my wife is no longer fun in bed and won't give head. What's up with that shit?"

Friend: "She's got Wedding Cake Syndrome."

Man: "Is there a cure?"

Friend: "Divorce."
by Brad TN August 01, 2010
The layers of fat you see on the back of a woman.
My shirt & bra are way too tight. Do I have the wedding cake syndrome?
by Dawn Marie September 23, 2005
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