(1)a place where people put stuff on the internet so that others may view it
(2)one's own little corner of the internet
by JAP July 28, 2003
A bit of space on the World Wide Web, aka Internet or net, that allows one to post information of any sort, such as personal, recreational, business, service, etc.
Urban-dictionary.com- a web site to help those who are not familiar with certain words
by Jason July 13, 2003
home of free porno
the answer to "where do you get off?"
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
A site on the World Wide Web. More general than web page.
1. Hook me up with the address to that Urban Dictionary web site.
by gummy August 02, 2003
An internet page dedicated to spider-lovers and spider-nest-lovers.
Have you been to that web site, www.spidernestlovers.com
by Ian Cowley August 01, 2003
A collection of related webpages, typically all hosted on the same server.
Urbandictionary.com is a cool web site.
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
This is where you can see info on the internet, it consists of 90% porn, 5% shopping, 4.9% random crap and 0.1% useful info.

They can be found using various browsers such as "Internet Explorer" (Oh God!) or "Netscape Navigator" (It's even worse!). They are usually filled with pop-ups advertising stuff no one would ever buy, well have you ever bough something from a pop-up?
Check out this web site, there is a picture of some person on it!
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
on-line porn
Hey you must see this website.
by carl July 30, 2003
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