A collection of interlinked web pages that makes its owner money by spawning pop-up ads out the shitter.
My dog has a web site. My dick has a web site. My dog's dick has a web site.
by Evil Zak July 25, 2003
a page that can be found on the internet, also known as the "world wide web," hence the name "web"
I found the answer on the new Urban Dictionary web site.
by Natalia July 30, 2003
A location, such as across a door-frame, in upper corners of a room, or between branches on a tree, where a spider may wish to build it's web.
The house hasn't been cleaned for months - all the web sites are full.
by ciaran July 30, 2003
A place on the internet where anything can happen.
Hey, that web site just replaced all my files with porn! I don't know if I should be happy or cry!
by Detranova July 29, 2003
Something a lamer creates in order to seem more l33t
MY N3W web site 1N TEH GEOCITiES 0wNz j00!!!!!!!!!!!111
by Robey July 28, 2003
n. 1. The character designation of the digital location of specific information on the internet. 2. The internet location of information displayed by a person or organization.
Check out the theatre's website to see what times the movies is showing.
by Jen July 26, 2003
A page that has an email address which is usally trying to get you to buy something online.
www.Paylessshoesource.com. Famous for footwear.
by Kelly Castle July 26, 2003
A location within the intarweb which provides information and data pertaining to any given organization, business or personal user.
Dude, this porn web site is awsome!
by orphik July 25, 2003
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