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A Weatherman is a member of the Weathermen Underground. (Inactive.) The Weathermen Underground emerged from the New Democratic Left and SNCC conference of 1968, comprising a small core group of activists (civil rights and peace activists, proponents of direct action and civil disobedience). The Weathermen Underground then banded into self-selected affinity groups---the core group much smaller than public image allowed---and organized direct actions. The group/movement took their name from the Dylan lyric, "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows," and claimed responsibility for a number of direct actions in protest of the Vietnam War.
Bernadine Horn is a high-profile activist and weatherman who was wanted by the FBI for over a decade. Bill Ayers is another. (After turning themselves in, in the 80's, both Ayers and Horn were exonerated.)
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A man who reads the weather on the news, Usually a liar and never gets it right.
Weather man: Tonight, HEAVY SNOW! Schools maybe cancelled tomorrow
Dude: YES!
-Next day dude gets up, throws back the curtains-
Dude: Sun? SUN? AHHHHH!
by Shizzlefull. February 09, 2010
37 9
One who is in the buisness of distributing cocaine.
I gotta go whack the weather man for shorting me on my 8-ball... fuckin jungle bunny.
by Eapert McDangles June 11, 2006
36 14
Someone you beat on a regular basis.
I'm gonna have to beat the weatherman.
by Sniffingmonster July 19, 2009
18 7
A reach-around. Then it rains on you.
The weatherman said "Tonight it will reach around 50 degrees, followed by showers"...
by Boring Aaron October 31, 2009
10 2
Someone who constantly screws up the only job they have to do.
That guy in accounting is such a weatherman - all he has to do is post invoices and he can't even do that correctly.
by SnowedInAgain January 26, 2011
6 4
The sexual act that involves one partner sticking their big toe into the other partner's vagina.
She asked me to wash my feet before giving her a weatherman.
After she sucked my toe she asked for a weatherman.
by Kimberly Crappen September 10, 2005
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