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1. To "wear the pants" in a relationship is to be the person in charge of the relationship, whether that being the man or the woman, even though it is usually the man.
1. Jane "Bitch, go do the laundry"
Derek "No!"
Jane "Do it, I wear the pants in this relationship!"
Derek *sigh* "Oi doggy, Ill go do it"
by EthanChrist March 28, 2010
1. To own each situation like a farmer owns a donkey
1. A robust and compelling call to manhood, not unlike a Viking blowing his horn from a mountain top or submarine captain ordering his men to fire torpedoes
2. See Mansformation
"Put down the plastic fork, step away from the salad bar and wear the pants, Thomas."
by Doctor Whittles September 03, 2009
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