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A skinny nigga who tries to mack on girls and flexes his muscles that look like twigs. A weak-ass nigga will act like he's tough around his friends, but when he gets confronted, he won't do shit. Also, weak ass niggas think that they are strong, but struggle to hold open a metal door.
Hey, Tyrone, you see that weak ass nigga over there? He thinks 10 pushups are a big deal.
by GetIISteppin February 09, 2013
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Someone who doesn't know how to change a tire
That weak ass nigga Johnny had a mechanic called to change his tire.
by Rakabuba November 22, 2016
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Niggas who bop and gossip like their ratchet female assosicate species does. A weak ass nigga is a nigga who can't practice what they preach
Hes a weak ass nigga he talks shit like a bitch
by Kaylap March 07, 2017
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