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The main motivation for the girls' night out. The group of girls will get dressed up, go out to a club, and dance together. The group does not go out with any hope or expectation of meeting guys. Rather, the group goes out only to dance by themselves, and not meet any guys.

Also, this may be used as a justification for girls who go out and do not meet or dance with guys at the club.

This idea of a group of girls getting sexified to go out and "just dance," without meeting or dancing with any guys, is about as crazy as wanting to “just swim” in a river filled with piranhas.
Guy: Why don’t you girls go hit on some dudes?
Girls: We just want to dance!

Guy: You girls having a hard time meeting dudes?
Girls: It's a girls' night out, we just want to dance!
by BtShtCrzy February 26, 2011
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