U.K. Large delicious breasts
See that girl over there with the wazzo jugs
by Don Swift February 20, 2004
Top Definition
1) Someone who is crazy; wild; always pushes things one step too far. Someone whose actions are hilarious in a dark farm way.
2) An action that is totally out-of-control weird and crazy.
1) Person #1: "She's really crazy."
Person #2: "Like, crazy crazy? Or weird crazy?"
Person #1: "Both. She's totally wazzo."

2) Person #1: "After I take a dump I'm gonna need to go streaking."
Person #2: "Dude, you are so wazzo."
by Soleil22 February 06, 2010
To do ones mum and dad at the same time>
The little boy could not get to sleep so he went to his mum and dads room to have a wazzo.
by Jeremy Kyle sucks fad May 03, 2009
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