Term for ejaculation, cum, love juice, whatever...
James wazed all over the toilet.
by Not so super DJ Gennady October 07, 2003
not the be confused with "wiz"
Waz is anything you want it to be. It could be a body part, and insult or an action/event.

Acceptable endings: z, ing, tard, tart, ed, or anything else you can add to it.
waz (n or v)
Body Part: I shut my waz (n) in the door!

Insult: you really are a waztart (n)

Action: I put a video of me wazzing (v) on youtube.

My mom found me wazzing(v) last night and sent the pic to my whole family
by Roses-Waz August 22, 2009
its a word for nerves. but only in one term
'You're gettin on my waz!'
by Prash March 13, 2004
some thing which is totally crap is waz
like when someone dose something really crap its totally waz

this is so waz
by james January 11, 2005
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