The alternative spelling of the word 'was' usually associated with and implemented in online chatting, texting, posting, blogging, etc...

(also see wazup, wasup)
No.1 :: Waz that you I saw at the party last night?
No.2 :: No way! I wasn't there cause my lady didn't want me to go.
by CDLady May 07, 2008
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Northern England Slang For Having A Piss piss jimmy riddle wee
Ere man, wait here while i have a waz
by AkaKray March 07, 2003
Slang term for urinating
1.hold on, just need to go for a waz

2. my bitch is gettin' larrey lately 'cos i keeps gettin' waz on the crapbowl
by xaD May 08, 2004
like pissing only wazzing
im just going for a waz
by chillman350 October 22, 2003
'Being a Waz' - making up random excuses for not going out
"you coming out tonight?"

"erm.....nah man i've got a sore throat"
"nah man ive just put a pizza in"

"stop being a waz and come out with us"
by robertc009 February 02, 2008
1. Simple Slang term. Replaces the word "was"
Past tense.

2. Simple slang term. Replaces the word "what" and/or "what is/what's"
Present tense.

(2) Waz up my nigga?
by MTL November 22, 2005
not the be confused with "wiz"
Waz is anything you want it to be. It could be a body part, and insult or an action/event.

Acceptable endings: z, ing, tard, tart, ed, or anything else you can add to it.
waz (n or v)
Body Part: I shut my waz (n) in the door!

Insult: you really are a waztart (n)

Action: I put a video of me wazzing (v) on youtube.

My mom found me wazzing(v) last night and sent the pic to my whole family
by Roses-Waz August 22, 2009

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