He's Fat
He's Bald
He Likes his women old!
its Wayne Rooney
its Wayne Rooney

hes fat
hes scouse
hell fukin rob your house
its wayne rooney

hes near
hes far
hell fukin steal yer car
its wayne rooney

hes fat
hes red
hell take yer gran to bed
its wayne rooney

he fat
she's scum
he's probably shagged your mum
wayne rooney
wayne rooney

hes fat
hes round
he bounces up and down
its wayne rooney

he shot
he missed
he must be f **kin pissed

wayne rooney wayne rooney
wayne rooney is a virgin
he's never used his d**k
he w**ks in the shower
and sleeps in his own sick
he throws up to the left
and he throws up to the right
and he couldn't pulla bird
if he tried all f*****g night

Build a brothel
Build a brothel
Put Wayne Rooney on the Top
A load of Grannies in the middle
and he'll shag the fucking lot!!!!!!!!

hell be coming round the mountain with a gun
Cos Rooney shagged her Nanna up the bum
He got himself a hooker
Who knew a red nosed fucker
Now fat bastard playing for the scum!!"
wayne rooney is a dirty red scum
wayne rooney is fat
by lee_23 slimmings March 04, 2005
the future of English and football, people who
insult or "hate" on him are too fat, poor and jeaulous to make something of their pathetic lives.
oh eeee ohhh eeee WAYNE ROOONEY!!!! OH EEE
WAYNE ROONEY!!! heehee
by renegade May 11, 2005
The Future aka GOD.

Ugly or fat, who cares?
He is so rich and famous he your mum would give him brown action!! In fact she would to anyone
by G August 07, 2003
The newest and best England football player ever. Also one of the top scorers of Euro 2004.
Wayne Rooney may look like Shrek, but he's a fucking good football player.
by Glittery Goddess June 23, 2004
One of the best (next to Pele, Beckham, and Ronaldhino, 0h! and Ronaldo (the cute one :)) futbol players in the English Premier League GO MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!!!!!!!

He dribbles like Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney is so wicked!
by LAXERCHICALC14 April 18, 2005

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