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An upscale town on the Main Line, thirteen miles outside of Philadelphia and part of Radnor Township where a lot of Judy Bloom books take place. Everyone either lives in walking distance of the center of town in old, Victorian homes or in neighborhoods like Harrison Estates and White Gate, where the brand-new, Steve Bentley homes cost $1.5 mil. Most everyone is Catholic and even though no one is actually religious, everyone goes to 5:00 mass just the same. Most kids in Wayne go to private schools like Notre Dame and Malvern, even though Radnor High School is one of the five best public schools in the state.
Men in Wayne are mostly Philadelphia businessmen while their wives are mostly stay-at-home moms who shop at The Flag Lady and the French Lemon.
Younger kids play with their friends in the neighborhood, while the teenagers get dressed-up to do every day things like go to the movies and the King of Prussia mall.
Hot spots in Wayne include the Anthony Wayne theater, the Wooden Iron and Christopher's.
Commonly sighted celebrities include M. Night Shymalen, former Philadelphia sports stars, and all of Philadelphia's news anchors.
Girls from Wayne, PA aren't always hot, but they always have nice stuff.
by Tim Watkins October 21, 2005
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