Aussie slang for beachies, or people who spend most of their waking hours at the beach. Usually blonde haired and blue/brown eyes.
kid 1: where's the waxy goin?
kid 2: bondi brah!
by eskiesoner August 31, 2008
Top Definition
Adj. a word used to describe someone who is really fake looking or acting.
That girl is so waxy, she belongs in the Madame Tussaud museum
by Ollywoodhi September 10, 2014
like foxes, to be really annoyed or pissed at another person
ie "don't get waxy with me swampy, i didn't do it"
by The real dangson June 13, 2007
(Adj.) Another word for cool, neat, sweet, swell, or awesome.
That car is so waxy.

That band was waxy.

That movie was very waxy.
by atb3 June 05, 2011
Alot of people say that a waxy is someone that is fake.
Its not true.

A waxy is someone that surfs and has board wax between their toes and in their hair. They spend the majority of their time at the beach. A waxy is usually supposed to have brown hair, but the sun, salt and ocean has bleached it blonde.They are barefoot/flipflop lovers.

Waxy males: Really hot, tanned, good body, slightly long messy blonde hair, usually caught with a surfboard or skateboard under their arm, usually wear vans and caught at the beach.

Waxy females: Really pretty, beautiful body, long straight blonde hair, always have a board with them, love vans and converse and found at the beach.
Lisa: Omg that girl has the blondest hair and surfs really well.
Brett: Yeah, she surfs great and is so tanned. She's the biggest waxy.
by leode September 10, 2014
An adjective:

1) The general description is something that is new, fresh, shiny, street smart, genius and insightful without being 'nerdy'. This usually refers to an idea, thought, a joke, etc.

2) A similar definition is also an adjective, describing someone that is virtually hairless and has a body free of acne.
1) 'Aw man, I have to find a washroom in this park!'
'Don't worry about it; just go to the stream because no one goes there. Also, your crap is full of nutrients for the plant life. I'll watch your back.'
'Dude that's such a waxy idea'

2) 'That Asian over there is quite waxy.'
by mas502arc October 21, 2009
Waxy - clueless belgian person who tends to consume an entire nation's average beer reserves in a matter of hours
Watch out waxy is coming, hide your beers!
by DrWeasel March 06, 2005

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