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1. To ask a girl to go down on you; to recieve head; to ask for a blowjob
2. A humorous way to scare someone if they get accidentally get too close to your crotch
Definition 1:
Girl: What are you doing!?
Guy: Ceem een, wax it!
Definition 2:
Guy: I dropped my glasses, I can't see a thing.
Dude: Wax it!
Guy: Seeda! Feighut!
by Blackstump November 16, 2003
Wax-it:noun.1.Semen, man-juice, ball-sauce, cum, jism, knuckle babies.

Wax-it:Past-tense verb.1.To have masturbated.
Ex.1:I rubbed my wax-it all over her face after the sloppiest blow-job of my life.

Ex.2:I heard Jacob Wax-it 12 times a day.(See also:WHACKS'IT)
#semen #man-juice #ball-sauce #cum #knuckle babies
by Steven Stewart April 04, 2007
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