If heaven had a convenience store, it would be a Wawa. Always clean, always good stuff to eat. Touch-screen hoagie system is awesome, and so are the hoagies. A 4" hoagie with warm roast beef and your choice of fresh toppings will cost you no more than $3. Dick Wood's name is on every glorious cup of coffee, for real. And the coffee and iced tea both have loyal fanbases. The cheese-filled pretzels and hash browns are amazing. Bagel melts are good too. I just wish they'd build a nice one up in Bergen County for us bennies so we wouldn't have to be invading the Wawas down the shore.
What's the only convenience store in the country cool enough to share its name with a character from SNL while having a picture of a goose out front? Wawa.
by someone18 September 07, 2006
A term (acronym) commonly used among expatriots, especially Peace Corps Volunteers, in West Africa - it stands for "West Africa Wins Again" and it signifies the struggles and anguish expatriots experience due to their naive presence in this very bizarre, competitive, and aggressive land.
"What a day, it was one WAWA after another"


"I totally just got WAWA'ed".

by M.Breda May 12, 2006
the superior convenience store of north america. extra cool because the owner's name is dick wood.
i'm going to run up to wawa and get cigarettes, a fresh made hoagie, apple slices with peanut butter, ice and fill the car up with gas.need anything?
by ragnarokker August 07, 2004
god's gift to pennsylvania, new jersey, deleware, and maryland. convience store that makes the best coffee ever. basically, if you live near a wawa, you go there twice a day.
they had to shut down the 7 eleven at the corner of knights in philadelphia because the wawa took all of their busniess
by mwphilly January 16, 2007
A store located in Pennsylvania, which is in The Bloodhound Gang's (A Band) song, "Pennsylvania." The song's ending says "Do you even know what a Wawa is?" Due to the store's limited locations, most people don't know what exactly a Wawa is. It's simply a convenient store where you can find plenty of things to purchase: cigarettes, food, drinks, etc. Clearly, if the Bloodhound Gang sings about it, the Wawa is a hip, happenin' place.
"Do you even know what a Wawa is? No..."
-Bloodhound Gang (Pennsylvania)

"Let's take a ride to the Wawa, grab some cigs and git r dun!"

by OConn September 25, 2006
Best convience store!! better than 7-11, beacuse it has more stuff, and the people that work there speak english!! They r loctedall over the place in PA and NJ and various other places. I LOVE WAWA!!
"Im hungry"
"alright lets go to Wawa, there one on every corner!!"
by Penis Face January 07, 2004
A Small Northern Ontario Community near the North Shore of Lake superior; rumoured to be Ojibway for "wild Goose". Known for its large plaster gooses erected around town. Home of NHL players Denny Lambert and Chris Simon. Originally Wawa was a trading post untill it became a gold mining town when William Teddy discovered gold in Wawa Lake. Other substances such as iron ore have also previously been mined from different sites in and around the Wawa area.
On the greyhound, "When you see the big goose you know you're there"
Visiting over night, "There are only two bars in Wawa?"
Telling someone you live in wawa, "You mean Pettiwawa?" "no, Wawa, W-A-W-A"

by katie Mitrikster February 12, 2007
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