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Puertorican term for Bus. I've heard this used many times by ricans in Chicago.
Rocio - "I need to get downtown, can I get a ride?"
Efrain - "Naw mami, you gonna have to catch the wawa."

Rocio standing on the corner - "Where is that fucking wawa?!"
by Smokahontas June 20, 2007
140 103
just another way to say water, or h2o.
"ahhh man, im so thirsty for same wawa."
by Avoove December 02, 2006
163 128
a malodorous vagina
smells like wawa in here.
by durfburger February 15, 2005
228 194
Chinese; Someone acting like a baby.
aw, da wawa needs his mama.
by Jiali May 26, 2005
145 117
The greatest convenience store on earth
Dude, let's stop by Wawa and to get cigs and hoagies.
by Helene December 03, 2003
210 189
Jesus reincarnated into a convenience store. A place where dreams come true.
Genesis 1: 27
And on the 8th day, God created Wawa, in order to bless his children in the Greater Philadelphia Area for their superiority and might.
by Schwany69 July 10, 2011
26 9
a side effect of huffing (and occasionally other drugs at high doses)
it is the perception of all speech as meaningless noise similar to the "wa wa" teacher voice on charlie brown cartoons.
I always get the wa was when I huff computer cleaner.
by minghi May 10, 2003
15 2