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Convenience store based in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The chain does derive its name from the town of Wawa, PA, where the dairy that supplies the stores resides. However, contrary to a number of "definitions" on this site, the term "Wawa" is not an onomatopoeia for goose noise and such. The town of Wawa (as with many, many places in the United States) got its name from the American Indians that resided there. In this case, the tribe was known as the Lenni (LEN-eye) Lenape (LEN-uh-pee). According to the corporate site (and anybody who grew up in the area and has paid attention): "'Wawa' is a Lenni Lenape Indian word for the Canada Goose that was found in the Delaware Valley (area where PA/NJ/DE come together), that's why we use the goose on Wawa's corporate logo."

This store is superior for a number of reasons:

- No-fee ATM's in every store (assuming your bank doesn't charge for transactions).
- Most are open 24/7.
- Milk and cigarette prices are generally the lowest that they are allowed to charge by law (given price controls and taxes).
- Capable employees. Rarely rude and always English-speaking. Many people have made a career out of working for Wawa...they also have a well respected management track program.
- Fresh and delicious sandwiches and prepared food (soups, meatballs, stuffed soft pretzels, breakfast sandwiches, etc...)
- "Super" Wawa stores...have gasoline and are generally 2 or 3 times bigger than normal ones. These are usually in high-traffic/travel areas (i.e. highway exits) and have clean bathrooms. Going north on I-95, you'll generally see these right off the highway exits starting around Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Our road trip from Virginia to Philly would have gone a lot faster if the jackasses we were with didn't insist on stopping at every Wawa along the way.
by Impugn November 27, 2006
AN amazing convience store that everybody in New Egypt lives off of. sells ciggarretes, cigars, food, drinks monster and amazing mac & cheese located in NJ,DE,VA,MD. Known for its amazing coffee and free mac machine. every teen in New Egypt lives off Wawa.
doode, did u go to wawa yet?

man, i gotta go to Wawa for some cash

I love wawa mac & cheese

Wawa is my second home.
by Pretty chick.. June 08, 2009
South Jersey's answer to 7-11, Stucky's and Circle K. They're only found around Jersey because everything needs to be close in order for it to be fresh that day.
Named "Wa Wa" for the "Speedy Goose" that canbe found every store's sign.

They're a large part of South Jersey's culture.
After the long road trip, he was overjoyed at seeing the first Wa Wa's start popping up.
by Stick92 July 10, 2009
water, the water you drink, the ocean
Can you bring me some Wa-wa?

Man, I really just want to jump in that Wa-wa over there right now to cool off.
by Beeka Rootz October 07, 2012
A convince store located in PA Where everyone sits and parks their cars, Mostly riced out V-Dubs.
Want to go to wawa? Nah too many kids with v-dubs there
by 2g dsm March 31, 2011
Verb. To go WAWA. Irish origin. Derived from the phrase, "We are where we are.", citizens are asked to go wawa by ignoring the past, including crimes, silly policies etc.
Judge, "Young man, if you think I'm about to go wawa and ignore your criminal record, you are mistaken."

"It is ridiculous to ask the Irish people to go wawa and pretend that members of the Dáil (parliament) do not have records worth remembering."
by Colum February 26, 2013
Acronym - Women After Women's Asses - born from the urban legend that WAWA stores in CT were exclusively owned and run by lesbians.
I thought that Michele was into guys but she's actually a WAWA.
by Shorty T June 02, 2009
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