This name derives from a popular snack called the wafer. It is used when referring to a tall lank who is easily knocked over.
Boy 1 "Look how tall and thin Stacy is"
Boy 2 "Ya she's a big ugly wafe"
by samchlo August 03, 2008

1: (noun) a very much disliked person; douche
ex: "Hey wafe, come here."
ex #2: "Don't be a wafe."

2: (verb) the action of being a douche or crushing others' dreams
ex: "Don't wafe on me man!"

3: (adjective) distributing all of the attributes of a douche-bag and/or trash-ball.
ex: "That's a the most wafe (or wafish) thing I've ever heard."
Anna! You're such a WAFE!
by dontsloatme February 07, 2009
A real or imagined overpowering vaginal essence or odor that is distracting to the owner of the vagina
Her body dysmorphic disorder caused her to believe that her vagina was wafing.
by jaquan May 19, 2003
when your female accomplice has a sweatie ass;make sure her panties are off, get her on all fours, be at least a foot or less from her ass;spread her ass cheeks apart get ready to smell the aroma from her ass. The wafe a true ass lovers scent.
my friend came home from jogging she was all sweatie and hot she stripped naked i got her on her knees i busted her ass cheeks apart and the wafe came out from between her buns.
by rocketmania August 03, 2006
Noun; Douchebagidness vibes that radiate from a person usually at a party or a gathering which can be instantly felt when entering the room. (feeling like a slap to the face)
"Wow that kid in the red shirt looks like a douche bag, and he is really putting off some waves."
by Leo Link Ian Shankster October 05, 2007
Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service ( United States Navy )
COB: " now hear this all waves grab your socks air lock inspection " Chief walks by rudder up you gals know I like a tawt ship "
COB: " now hear this next Navy drill dive, dive, dive Haooogaa Haooogaa Haooogaa, chief fire one, One running hot stright and normal sir!

Navy sport riding waves
( COB = Chief of the Boat )
by itichie_nocanpo June 25, 2006
The cutting edge of surf mags
waves is better than tracks
by Bobart November 27, 2003
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