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Reference to the 2004 tsunami where the Asians would run from the waves.
Watching all the waverunners on the news
by mr_boatride July 07, 2010
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v. The act of thrusting one's face between a standing woman's legs in the vicinity of her vagina, and flapping one's lips while shaking the head side to side and making a "brrr" sound.
Did you see that short guy macking on the volleyball player? He wasn't up to the motorboat and went straight for the wave runner.
by The Wooll September 10, 2010
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an overly voluptuous female specimen that you contact post consuming 144+ ounces of your favorite alcoholic beverage.
After striking out at the bar last night, I had to ride my trusty waverunner.
by Donaldson November 14, 2003
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