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Like Waukesha West, only less sh!tty and more purple (making it gay). It is notable for its marching band and its members that never shut the front door about marching band 365 days a year. It is basically a bomb shelter and a black hole of cell phone service, which is bad because if a bomb did go off there the students would have no way to contact anyone. Good luck maintaining good eyesight after seeing the sun for the first time in 6 hours after school is over.
I need a place where I can be bored, not see the sun, be safe from bombs and not be able to text someone... Waukesha North sounds perfect.
by sdrawkcabsisiht March 25, 2011
A totally not-cool school that fails in every athletic competition except marching band. Which they are also awful at. The school itself is populated by transvestites and Rodents of Unusual Size. The school colors are purple and white, an obvious nod to the Nazi's football team's colors during the 1940's Olympics.
Person 1: Hey, so you go to Waukesha North?

Person 2: Yeah.

Person 1: Don't come near me!!!
by drachea March 14, 2011
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