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The act of going to the toilet
Im just going for a waugh, back in 5
by Jiblob October 30, 2005
to waugh someone is to grab their genitals from behind with a hockey stick
OmG I just got WAUGHED

by 123xx123xxx123xx123 May 03, 2007
Rather upstanding chap, uses old fashioned language and probably should've been around in the 20s/30s/40s/50s - out of place in the present day. At his best sitting in a leather armchair wearing a smoking jacket, pipe in one hand and financial times in the other, or perhaps a glass of the finest scotch.
"are we to assume that if one is caught without a ticket by the attendant yet gives the details of another in place of his own, that person could avoid a fine?" "oh Waugh!
by wgcw1993 October 20, 2010
The act of fondeling ones sex organs during sex
"Tom enjoyed having waughing when he was going with pete"
by Urban Inmate October 28, 2005