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To perform an act of phallacio on a clergyman or man of the cloth, e.g priest or vicar, whilst he is preaching a sermon.
Dude, tonight im going to go give Father John some Watty.
by MassiveG@sh December 05, 2008
description of impressive, perhaps awe inspiring breasts on a woman.
pair of breasts strole past
by NblockYork March 09, 2010
Slang term for penis.
"Yo, dat girl is so shawty,
She make me want to go to the potty,
And wank off my Watty."
by steve_ayres35 July 14, 2014
Watty- Meaning in love, head over heals.
I don't see why Susan is so watty over that guy.
by Melinda Warden September 28, 2004
mens underwear boxers
that guy just had the watties ripped clean off him
by Tattie November 13, 2006