the last name of a guy who is built like a tank. gets his dick wet by fine as chicks. throws bomb as parties. super sexy. funniest kid ever and has too much swag to handle.
O shit Watkins is here the parties started.
by jesse ruben July 06, 2011
the inability to act appropriately in social situations
He's got watkins
by Ali-Bali Thomas March 29, 2010
When a co-worker silently walks up behind you and lets a loud one rip over your shoulder.
" just pulled a Watkins!"
by Alowery November 09, 2005
A 'Watkins' is the name given to a person who enjoys engaging in sexual acts with animals.
Hey Joe did you toss off your dog last summer?

Joe: Yeah I'm a total Watkins!
by WATTERZ94 July 13, 2010
A person who says he will soon retire but doesn't.
Boy' that Kevin always says he'll Watkins! It's been over a year now!
by Retired and lovin it! December 22, 2009
A person who is sad and moody all the time.

A person who is obsessed with Apple computers.


One who's farts are as emo as him and cut his asshole on the way out.

A person who collects razorblades.

A person who thinks he's getting out of the military any time soon.

A stalker photographer who claims to have sex with women who are unbelievably out of his league.

A person who makes up girlfriends.
Watkins, Shut the F**k up!!!
by Toolguy June 04, 2009

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